The LEAP Network Programs

The LEAP Network Programs

Moving overseas, while offering an exciting adventure, can be hard, stressful and cause a lot of anxiety for both partners in a marriage.   This can be especially true for the spouse who is “trailing” or “accompanying” the spouse whose job has prompted the move.  

If you are like many “trailing spouses” you may or already have sacrificed a lot to move around the globe with your spouse.
You’ve likely given up your career and maybe even your identity in support of your spouse’s career: you’re now only known as “so and so’s spouse or parent”.   Consequently, you are staying at home, bored and lonely, worried about how your family is going to sustain itself on one income vs. two and how you are going to fund your retirement! You may also be experiencing deja vu in that you feel like a kid again with a monthly allowance and may even feel guilty spending your spouse’s money on yourself.  If you know you will be moving often, you may be even more concerned about having  to start over again and again each time you move to a different country.

I established The LEAP Network for new expats, "trailing spouses" or "accompanying spouses" like you.

  I am passionate about helping expat spouses succeed in creating their new lives overseas by finding excitement, adventure and even new opportunities to turn their passions, knowledge, skills and experience into a fulfilling  purpose so you still feel fulfilled and empowered.   I want expat couples to make their decision to become expats based on strength, and shared knowledge, so there are few surprises.  And when there are surprises, you have someone to help you along the way, to smooth your journey. 

At The LEAP Network you have a friend and a confidant who's been there. So, this is where we hold our hands and together TAKE the LEAP to a successful overseas transition and personal fulfillment!  But don’t kid yourself; this will take a lot of work. But it will also be a lot of FUN!

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Are you ready to make a successful transition into expat life

and reap a fulfilling and exciting life full of fun and adventure? 

Find out below which package best meets your needs. 


Successfully Transition into EXPAT LIFE: This 9-week one-on-one coaching package is for you if you are about to move overseas or recently moved overseas and want to learn how to successfully transition into  Expat Life smoothly and effortlessly! 

The LEAP Network 5-Step EXPAT System™ is designed to help you and your family embrace your new role as expats and to help you avoid you or your spouse contracting the "Trailing Spouse Syndrome".  Symptoms include loss of identity, low self-esteem, frustration, boredom and worries about living on only one-income vs a "two income" lifestyle. 

Discover how to find a fulfilling purpose and and make money while helping others. When you follow these five simple steps you are able to move from fear and worry to excitement and adventure, and from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to being clear on what needs to be done before and after the move.  You will also find ways to protect your identity and self-esteem by finding activities to ensure you lead a fulfilling life abroad!  Learn more 


 Are You Ready to Start a Business ON THE MOVE?: This one-on-one coaching package is for you, if you are a "trailing spouse" who sacrificed your career by following your partner around the globe or you’re tired of the corporate rat race and are thinking of starting your own online business to offer you mobility, freedom and purpose. You might be scared.  It's a lot to think about and decide.  Learn about what leads to a brilliant business, the needed skills, how to find resources to help and what type of business you might be passionate about operating.  With this information, you can make an informed decision if entrepreneurship is right for you.

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LEAP into YOUR BUSINESS BRILLIANCE: This one-on-one coaching package utilizing The LEAP Network's 7-Step REINVENT ProcessTM is for you if you want to be an owner of a brilliant business but know you need guidance and hand-holding to overcome limiting beliefs, get rid of the guess work, find the right online business structure for you, design your products and services to match your passions, skills, knowledge and experience, discover where to find your ideal clients, know what to charge, how to market and make the sale, discover a start-up process and carry you through the rough spots.  Become unstuck, find clarity, and inspiration to make your business and life brilliant. Having a coach means you are no longer alone; with a non-judgmental support system and a partner who has your back, but yet you don't have to share the profits! Take the LEAP and let the FUN begin!  Learn more


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Courage, Risks and Reward

5-part Coaching Program

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“I’ve come to realize what a big role you’re playing in the success of advancing/growing my business.  As you suggest things, they seem to be appearing!  Please keep offering new insights, suggestions and observations...they’re SO helpful!”

Bonney Fiorito, President
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