The EXPAT Transition Made Easy

Are you about to become an "expat" by moving overseas?

Are you or your spouse worried about contracting the "Trailing Spouse Syndrome"?

Symptoms include: loss of identity, low self-esteem, frustration, boredom, worries about living on only one-income vs a "two income" lifestyle. 

Are you interested in discovering how to find a fulfilling purpose and earn money while helping others?

If yes, this one-on-one coaching package is for you if you want to learn how to successfully transition into  Expat Life smoothly and effortlessly!

The LEAP Network 5-Step EXPAT System™ is designed to help you and your family embrace your new role as expats and to help you avoid the "Trailing Spouse Syndrome".

When you follow these five simple steps you are able to move from fear and worry to excitement and adventure, and from feeling overwhelmed and frustrated to being clear on what needs to be done before and after the move.  You will also find ways to protect your identity and self-esteem by finding activities to ensure you lead a fulfilling life abroad!

Working with Renée, a business and transition coach who has lived the vast majority of her life as an entrepreneurial expat in countries in Asia and Africa, means you are no longer alone. You will benefit from a non-judgmental support system and a partner who has your back!

Take the LEAP and let the FUN begin!
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Coaching Benefits:

-Start your business journey through The LEAP Network's 5-Step EXPAT ProcessTM to get you settled in your new home country faster with more comfort and familiarity.

-Discover ways to create new support systems and find friends quickly while still staying connected to family and friends back home.

-Learn about potential pitfalls of an overseas move and how to avoid them.

-Find ways to easily adapt to change and fully engage in your new home country.

-Get help along the way when you feel stuck, unmotivated or simply don’t know what to do next!

-Discover how a "trailing spouse" can possibly monetize their passions.

-Learn when to ask for help – it’s not a weakness!

What's included in the program:

This 9 session live online one-on-one coaching sessions (typically over a 3 month period) providing guidance and hand holding to help you transition successfully into the EXPAT Life  with a non-judgmental virtual partner who's been right where you are!

-A step-by-step process to help learn steps and tricks on how to successfully transition in to the EXPAT life and spend less time doing it as well as looking in the future to discover what to do once your are completely settled and getting bored and restless.

-A prep tool to help you prepare for each session so you get the most of our time together.

-Post session accountability to deepen the learning, create new habits and move forward in making your expat transition successful.

-A recording of every session so you have access for as long as you like.

-Access to your coach between coaching sessions for “just-in-time” coaching for when you get stuck, need motivation, need affirmation, or have a question on how to implement what we discussed during any of our calls. You do not have to wait until our next session to get answers or help!

-A private client portal to help keep you organized, recall our sessions, and retrieve any documents shared.

-Additional resources to help you strengthen your transformation and the results you experience.

-One year free access to the “Expat Lifestyle” Monthly Membership Package (over $345 value) with the following benefits:

-Virtually surround yourself with like-minded non-judgmental expats through a community who can help support your expat transition.

-Gain access to exclusive member monthly videos, templates, tips, resources and other tools to ease your transition, with a different theme each month.

-Monthly open forum group calls to discuss how you can implement the monthly package tools.

-Access to a closed members-only Facebook Page for you to network, to bounce around your ideas, get motivated, share tips and experiences, etc.

-Identification of reasons why you may be “stuck” and/or overwhelmed and ways to become "unstuck" and clear on your future direction.

-Networking abilities to gain access to members for mutual referrals and services needed.

-Access to the LEAP Network blog covering various aspects of the expat life, mindset, entrepreneurship and other topics.

So, let me ask you again...

Are you ready and determined to make your transition into Expat Life a smooth and easy one?

If your answer is "YES"

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for EXPATS and their families!

"5 Steps to Becoming
a Successful Expat"

Moving overseas, while offering an exciting adventure, can be hard, stressful and cause a lot of anxiety for both partners in a marriage.

This e-book is designed to help you and your family adjust to your new role as expats, settle in and thrive!

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