Newsletter: From Crisis Comes Opportunity


"The power we discover inside ourselves as we survive a life-threatening experience can be utilized equally well outside of crisis, too. I am, in every moment, capable of mustering the strength to survive again--or of tapping that strength in other good, productive, healthy ways."
Michele Rosenthal ~ a trauma therapist

19 March 2020



We live in a world of great uncertainty, turmoil and continuing change.  Covid-19 has everyone’s attention, and rightly so. The health aspects are frightening for those in the high-risk categories and their loved ones. The huge global economic impact is already touching each and every one of us, some more than others. I’m choosing to remain positive though, as this crisis shall pass like others we have faced before.  We will recover and life will go on. 

I’m wondering if we will use this opportunity to look at ourselves, our communities and/or our governments to learn how we can do things better.  What can we learn from this: how can we become stronger and better?


The Japanese have a tradition of creating beautiful works of art from broken pottery.  It’s called Kintsugi. Broken pieces of pottery are “glued” back together using gold to make an even more beautiful piece, stronger than it was before.  In addition, the piece now has its own unique story of how it came to be. 

So what story are you creating as you get through this troubled time?  Is it one of beauty and strength, or one of fear and worry?  For me, it’s time to be mindful of my thoughts, knowing we get what we focus on.  So I’m choosing to be grateful for my awesome online-based coaching practice helping solopreneurs and focusing on its continued development and growth – so thankful for the Internet!  

Who do you know who could use some help seeing how the Covid-19 crisis may just be the right time to stop tolerating a job they don’t love or to relieve the fear of losing their existing job?  There are things they can start doing right now and I’d love to help them.

I’m changing things up by sharing a video interview with Lynn Lambrecht who created her business out of emergencies.   I hope you can see there can be some silver linings from a crisis.  It can help to change our perspective.

Taking the LEAP with you!



From Crisis Comes Opportunity

During times of crisis, while we may not be impacted by it directly, problems can still arise that impact us indirectly; i.e. we are staying healthy but disruptions are occurring in our daily lives.   These problems can range from not having toilet paper, not being able to socialize, figuring out how we are going to handle our kids when not in a structured school setting or worse yet, losing our jobs. 

We have a choice to make: We can choose to be miserable, living in constant fear or worry or we can choose to find positive ways to face the situation, and make the best of it. Maybe we can even find ways to help others to solve a problem created by the same or similar predicaments. If we had the problem, you can bet others are looking for solutions too! 

Find out how Lynn Lambrecht of The Living Planner started her business to solve a common problem that arose out of working with families involved in airline crashes and 911.

Click here to watch the video and learn more!


The Living Planner

During a crisis, it’s also a good reminder to ensure we have our acts together; i.e. we leave logistical breadcrumbs for our family members to find when we need help and can’t act on our own behalf.

Lynn Lambrecht helps you “navigate all the moving parts of life” through The Living Planner. The Planner assists you in navigating what can be an emotional journey through a well-thought-out and methodical process so you and your family can understand what needs to be done now. 

Please note I’m promoting Lynn because I fully believe in her product and promotion is part of my mission at The LEAP Network – LEAP stands for Lead, Empower, Aspire and Promote!  I have no financial interest in this promotion! Click here to learn more about The Living Planner.


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Renée Blasky is the Founder and CEO of The LEAP Network Ltd.

She wasn’t always the risk-taking entrepreneur that she is today. Through several important life experiences, including being an "expat" for the vast majority of her life and sailing an ocean, she learned the importance and benefits of risk-taking and how to embrace risk rather than fear it! Renée also realized capturing life’s fulfillment meant giving back to others. So, she started her second business: The LEAP Network in order to share her experiences and expertise with entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs.  This includes "trailing spouses", stay-at-home parents or elderly care givers who have sacrificed their careers due to circumstances beyond their control.  Renée coaches existing entrepreneurs on ways to monetize their passion, revitalize their businesses and take action to grow their businesses.  She coaches those  who have sacrificed their careers, either by choice or by uncontrolled circumstances, to eliminate frustration, boredom and loneliness while becoming more fulfilled and happy!  By helping them start their own online businesses, they can get their identity back, boost their self esteem and once again be financially independent!

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